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Burton RT head to German AGM

Derbyshire-based Burton Round Table found themselves at Round Table Deutschelands AGM last weekend. 

The club, who are twinned with German club Lingen Meppen travelled to the AGM to see their friend and Lingen Meppen Round Table member Holger Crosse become National President for the German association. 

Nine intrepid Tablers assembled at Birmingham airport for a traditional Tabler breakfast of full English, with two of the party consisting of new members on their first International Tabling experience. 

Following an early flight, the fun really began with for Burton with their members being welcomed liked kings into the Black Forest where the AGM was being held and attending a welcome meeting with 700 other Tablers and their families. 

Not only were Burton the largest international delegation, but they made up 10% of all International guests there that weekend. 

Late nights, good company and a drink or two were the general theme for the weekend. 

Worldwide friendship is one of the advantages of Round Table. With associations in over 50 countries around the world, you are never too far away from Tabling friends. 

Burton even made the German newspapers - fame at last! 


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