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Burton Table Member Tells Marathon Tale

This Thursday we are throwing it back to April 23rd, the day of the 2017 London Marathon

One of our members from the Burton Round Table, Anthony Rice, took on the 26-mile gruelling test of stamina, to raise money for The Round Table Children’s Wish and now that his body has finally recovered, he's spoken to us to talk us through why he decided to #DoMore


What made you want to take on the gruelling challenge of one of the world's most famous marathons? 

My wife Justina and myself took up running a few years back and have taken part in both the Birmingham Half Marathon and The Great North run a number of times. Whilst these are both great events, the London Marathon had long been an ambition. After each Half Marathon completed, the thought of running the same distance again seemed insane, however the chance to tick the London Marathon off the bucket list was enough to motivate us.

We then ran the London Marathon last year. Justina had gained a place running for the British Lung Foundation. I decided to train with Justina to support her, and when I mentioned this to Simon Phillips, who was the chairman for Burton 204 at the time and honorary member Jim Wood, who decided to join us on our early morning training runs. Part way through training, Simon and I decided to see if we could get a place with RTCW. Simon and myself for RTCW, Justina ran for BLF and Jim ended up doing the Stratford Upon Avon marathon on the same day!

This year was Jim’s 50th, and as we had such an amazing experience last year, we suggested that Jim should run this year and we would help with the fund raising. When Sam Reid contacted us late in January to say that they had places left, Justina and I decided to take the plunge for a second time.


Why did you want to run for RT Children's Wish? 

We chose RTCW because we believe it is an incredible cause, they can really make a difference to terminally ill children in enabling them to fulfil some of their dreams.


How did you prepare? What training regime did you follow? 

We had trained for half marathons. My advice is really to get yourself to be able to run a couple of miles and find a pace whereby you do not get too tired.

We then followed a 16 week plan. We ran 3 to 4 times a week with shorter runs in the week which averaged 5 or 6 miles each and a long run at the weekend which started at 5 miles and built up to 20. On the last training run, we caught the train to Tamworth and ran back to Burton along the canal, which was around 20 miles.


What is the best thing to invest in for the event itself (good trainers? comfy running vest? iPod holder armband?) 

Definitely good trainers – and preferably a new pair every 500 miles. I recommend visiting a running shop and getting measured up. If your trainers aren’t comfy you are going to hate every minute.


What was the most difficult part of the race itself? 

For me, it was the last 6 miles. I started to feel tired after 16 miles, and by the time I had passed the 20 mile mark I felt exhausted. I had doubts running through my mind that I would not finish, however you learn to blank it out and carry on.


What is the best thing about Table? How would you describe Table in 3 words? 

Amazing Unforgettable Experiences.

The best thing about table is being able to go out and create incredible memories with great friends, doing things I never imagined I would.


 Are there any plans to do anything like this again in the future?

We are continuing our challenge this year. We are signed up to run the Liverpool Rock and Roll marathon at the end of May, the Great North Run in September and the Birmingham Marathon in October. We will be continuing our fund raising for RTCW throughout the year.  

So far we have raised just over £4000. We aim to raise £4300 for the London Marathon  and a further £1200 by the end of August for the The Great North Run in September.

Anybody wanting to support us can do so by donating to our Virgin Money Just Giving page:-


Want to #dOMORE Like aNTHONY

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