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Hike & Bike Challenge 2017

Over 100 men, two grueling challenges and the opportunity to earn bragging rights for your Table.

Sound interesting? Then we have the perfect event for you.

Hike and Bike is back for 2017 on the weekend of 21st April and will be held at YHA Castleton in the Peak District.

For many years, the guys from the Yorkshire Area 9 have organized the popular event, which brings Tablers from around the country together in competition.

The weekend consists of two grueling days testing both your physical and mental strength, where 3/4 man teams featuring at least 2 Table members will compete against each other.

As with any Table event the camaraderie is like nothing else.

Day 1

Teams set off a 3 minute intervals on a 15-mile hike across the hills with challenges along the way. Participants are only given the grid reference as their first checkpoint and gain each new location as they reach a checkpoint.

Last years challenges included:

Tyre Flipping (with a HGV tyre weighing approx. 92kg)

Bread Eating (Each team had to eat a full unsliced loaf in the quickest time possible)

Cairn Building (Teams had to build the tallest pile of rocks in a set time to earn points)

Team Skipping (Using a heavy Tug of War rope)

Day 2

Again, teams set off in 3 minute intervals on a 22-mile bike ride across the hills, however this time they are given all the checkpoint locations and can go any route they choose. Teams are scored on which checkpoints they get to and lose points for being over the permitted time.


Whilst the whole weekend is run as one, it breaks down into three competitions that run simultaneously.

Main Competition – Teams that finish in the top half of day 1 compete for this on day 2

Plate Competition - Teams that finish in bottom half of day 1 compete for this on day 2

Area 9 Competition – Teams within Area 9 compete all weekend for the area title

Last year saw Beverley 247 win the main competition and they will be back to try and defend their title this year. The plate competition was won by Mirfield 652 and Elland picked up the Area 9 title despite it being their first time competing at Hike & Bike.

Think you can beat those guys? Then get involved and book a place now to avoid disappointment.

The price to attend the weekend is £115 per competitor and £100 for marshals if you don’t think your body could handle the exhausting challenge. This includes accommodation, t-shirts, badges, prizes and food.

For all the details including information on how to book your place for the weekend then head to the Facebook page.

Images credit to Stuart Burns, Rotherham 24

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