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How to make that tricky underwear purchase

(Taken from Tabler magazine, Autumn 2014)

As a former bra fitter, Comms Manager Nicole gives you the low-down on that tricky underwear purchase for the lady in your life this Christmas.

“For all the horror stories I could tell you about the job (and things I cannot unsee), my favourite time of the year in the lingerie department was always Christmas; but for all the wrong reasons.

I’ll spell it out. Men are terrible for last-minute panic buys in the undies department on Christmas Eve. There is nothing like the sight of a man, 15 minutes before doors close, grabbing pretty much anything he can see in various sizes in the vain attempt of getting it right. Guys – it is always in the planning. Do not rush when buying underwear – she’ll only have the hassle of having to get a refund.

First, know your sizes. If you don’t know a bra or knicker size, check the drawers and check a few items to find the size. Do not do what one very drunk guy did Christmas 2009 and point to an assistant and say “about the same size as hers”.

Secondly, check for style. In terms of colour, if she’s normally a black and white cotton girl and you come home with a satin polka-dot set, it will probably sit in a draw unworn. Be brave – ask the assistant what is popular in store at the moment to see what is currently in fashion. Similarly for knickers, get a good feel (ooh err) for what type she prefers.

With a little bit of effort, you’ll have a present she’s really impressed with.

….and if all else fails, always keep the receipt.

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