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Meet Round Table's youngest new member

We are delighted to welcome Ieuan Griffiths to Round Table, becoming the newest UK’s youngest member!

How do you celebrate an 18th birthday?

While most 18 year olds head for their first legal drink, Ieuan Griffiths was inducted into Narberth and Whitland Round Table 1062, at 1 minute past midnight on his 18th birthday making him the UK's youngest member!

Ieuan, who turned 18 on 21st November, said "I feel honoured to be the youngest member of such a great organisation. I look forward to serving my local community, as well as enjoying the amazing table nights and activities. I hope to take every opportunity that table offers me to get the most that I can out of it, as well as giving back as much as I can to table."

Narberth and Whitland Round Table Chairman, Lewis Gravell, said "I am very proud to be able to induct Ieuan as the youngest member in Great Britain and Ireland. It shows that someone so young wants to do some good with in his community and help it grow. I am even more proud that the effort and backing of our table has given, showing him support from the very start of his journey to many years to come!"

Vice chairman of Table 1062, Andrew Thomas, said "To have Ieaun join table has given Narberth and Whitland Roundtable a huge boost! I am very proud to be vice chair of our club with a few new members coming in. I wish Ieuan all the best with his future in table". 

Youngest Round Table member inducted to Narberth and Whitland

Round Table National President, Mark House, said “Round Table is all about regeneration – adopt, adapt, improve. We are a club for young men who want to build skills and friendships, as well as a club for those who want to give back to their community and offer their time support those around them.

I am delighted that Narberth and Whitland has welcomed another young man into their club. I feel enormous pride that Round Table unites people through friendship and giving. I’m even more proud of the fact that Round Table is growing, and that it is growing because it helps men and their communities.

Congratulations to Narberth for being a great part of our success.”

In over 55 countries around the world, and with 34,000 members, Round Table is a brilliant organisation for all men aged 18-45 to get involved, make new mates and do more.

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