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Operation Ride New Zealand

Through the exclusive Round Table SAS Challenge event, Round Table are proud to support Pilgrim Bandits in raising £100,000 for Operation Ride: New Zealand.

Funding raised by Pilgrim Bandits is spent directly at the front line, sending seriously injured men and women into physically and mentally demanding situations to restore their self-confidence.

Working in conjunction with the New Zealand Military, the charity is aiming to stage a tandem bike race in late 2018. The challenge ranges from the Southern trip of New Zealand Motupohue Scenic Reserve in Bluff (the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island), to Cape Reinga (ultimate northern New Zealand) a distance of 1,290 miles or 2,076 km. 

Pilgrim Bandits helping those who served in the Armed Forces
“If it doesn’t challenge, it doesn’t change you” 

The race will cover around a 100 miles a day and take 21 days including 2 days rest and 1 spare for unexpected/unplanned events. Those racing will be injured servicemen from 4 countries. The teams will include those from the military in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand plus civilian injured team from the UK and 1 disabled olympic team from New Zealand. The injured personnel will be on the front of specially adapted tandem hand-cycles and will be supported by able bodied race team members on the rear of these tandems. The injured participants range from a quadruple amputee to a single leg amputee. Each team will consist of 5 (4 injured and 1 able bodied).

Those “lucky” enough to take part in the exclusive Round Table SAS Challenge event will be raising money directly to support Operation Ride New Zealand in November 2018. The guys are aiming to raise £100,000 to fund the entire trip and bring those injured servicemen and women back to themselves. Of the 80 who will participate in the SAS Who Dares Wins Challenge, each will only need to raise £1,250 for Pilgrim Bandits to smash their target - less than the average marathon fundraising requirements.

RT President Steve Grew said: “This is an incredible opportunity for all those involved in fundraising, but also a fantastic way for Round Table, signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant, to show their support for those serving in the military to sacrifice so much! As members of Round Table, we have the opportunity to take part in unique and brilliant events just like the SAS Challenge, whilst supporting so many worthwhile charities. As members of Round Table we do more!"

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