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Round Table Trust

The Round Table Trust offers travel grants to young people from Britain and Ireland who volunteer for community service projects overseas. To be considered for an award, each applicant has to satisfy the following criteria.

So, could you qualify?

  • Will you be over 18 before you travel?
  • Will you have to cover your own travel costs?
  • Is your proposed community service project outside Great Britain/Ireland?
  • Will your volunteering provide tangible benefits to vulnerable people and/or communities in need (rather than ecological/environmental projects/research/expeditions/treks or work placements/medical electives)?
  • Will the community service aspect of your trip last for at least three weeks?
  • Will you be willing to submit a written report about your trip on your return to the Round Table Trust and give a presentation on it to your local Round Table or Ladies Circle group?
  • Would you be willing for your report and photographs to be used to promote the work of the Round Table Trust?

Application process

If you can answer 'yes' to all of these questions, then email to ask for an application form.

Once you have completed the relevant application form, you should submit it to

Please be aware that the Trust's funds are limited, so an award is not guaranteed. Each application is considered on its own merits but longer periods of practical community service work are generally regarded more favourably. However it should be remembered that with a high volume of applicants competition for these awards is very strong, and so the quality of your written application is very important.

Receipt of your application by the Round Table Trust will be acknowledged by email, and you will be advised of the date of a forthcoming Trustees' meeting when it will be considered. The Trustees meet regularly throughout the year to review the applications received.

You will be contacted soon after the meeting at which your application was considered; you will be advised whether or not it was successful and what the next steps are.

If your application is successful, you will be required to provide proof of travel (such as copies of receipts, tickets or other travel documents) before any payment can be made.

Within six weeks of your return you should submit a written report (with photographs) of your experience to the Round Table Trust (preferably by email), and also make contact with your local Round Table or Ladies Circle again to offer to present your report to the members at one of the club's meetings.


Endorsement by your local Round Table/Ladies Circle

Valid applications may be considered more favourably if endorsed by an applicant’s local Round Table or Ladies Circle. To find and get in touch with your local club go to


The local Table or Circle might ask you to attend one of their meetings to hear about your proposed trip, or they might be happy to meet informally or discuss it with you over the phone. However your local club is not obliged to endorse your application to the Round Table Trust, and support for any applications is at the discretion of the club’s members.

If they do support your application, then this should be indicated on the application form and a covering letter/email from the club should be forwarded to the Trust.

It is possible that your local Table/Circle may also sponsor you from their own charity funds but this too would be entirely at the discretion of its members, as each club has its own approach towards sponsorship and charitable donations.

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Trust details

Registered Charity no. 255994

Established in 1962

The Trustees currently are:  Dave Barker, Tony Booth, Samantha Fincham, Andrew Hornby, Steve Lord, Mark Newby, Andrew Simmonds and Stephen Sprod.

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