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RTBI named EMA Association of the Year

Round Table Great Britain and Ireland have been awarded the best Association at the EMA meeting held in Larnaca, Cyprus, last week.

The European Mediterranean Americas (EMA) Tabler Meeting is a gathering of Tables and Tablers from the EMA region, a key region which is part of Round Table International.

Round Table Great Britain and Ireland were awarded the title by Mikael Schvili, EMA Chairman, for their work in recent years to strengthen the association using professional strategy, plans and hard work over a number of years.

Tools developed by RTBI have been shared with other associations across the world to help them benefit from the success RTBI has seen. This has included ideas about websites, promotional materials and vision and strategy of what a successful club looks like.

Former Round Table President Jason Thomson, now International President, was also congratulated for his part in this strengthening.

Round Table international is comprised of 57 associations from 57 different countries. One of the many benefits of Round Table is international friendship and opportunities to travel around the world. To find out more about Round Table international, please go to

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