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Superstar DJ, Dave Pearce, to bring the house down at Round Table’s House Party this March!

With the biggest Round Table birthday celebration just around the corner, we caught up with Dave Pearce, one of the legendary DJ’s joining Round Table in Southampton this March.


What is the best part of being a DJ? 

One of the most enjoyable things about being a DJ is watching people totally lose themselves in the music; that moment when somebody just switches off from whatever worries or cares they may have in the world! It's a great job spreading happy vibes!

Your upcoming set at 90th Round Table House Party will be a night no one will forget. What previous performances stick in your mind as brilliant nights to remember?

Although I've performed in front of thousands of people at various music festivals, the biggest indoor crowd I DJ'd to, was 45,000 people at The Millennium Dome in London New Year’s Eve 2001. It was back in the days when the Dome was all one vast building. Some of you might remember that in its original incarnation, as a tourist attraction, the venue had quite frankly been something of a disaster, but in a stroke of genius (and possibly madness), Ministry Of Sound somehow managed to persuade the powers to be to let them take control of the entire venue for one night and transformed the incredible building into the UK's biggest Dance Party. 

There was an amazing line up featuring some of my heroes at the time including Tiesto and Mauro Picotto. I was so excited being asked to play the main Midnight set and when I first walked onto the stage with just my bag of records it was pretty terrifying standing in front of so many thousands of people armed with just a pair of turntables and some tunes. As I stepped up to the decks, the crowd roared and the bass kicked in, I looked across a sea of thousands of hands in the air, several football pitches deep and thought to myself... Wow this must be what it's like to be in U2!


In addition to your live sets, you have been quite the driving force in the UK Dance Scene for many years, especially in your creation of and as the original presenter of BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems. How does a radio show compare to a live set?

Doing a radio show is entirely different from doing a club or festival DJ set. When you broadcast on a station like Radio 1 or Radio 2 there are literally millions of people listening to you, but in your head you are just broadcasting to one person. In recent years the advent of social media means you get instant audience reaction and input, however the art of radio is to keep it conversational one on one. To be honest a club gig is almost the opposite, you are constantly watching the crowd to see how they connect to the records and planning your next move with what to play next.


Having sold over 1 million mix compilation albums in the UK with numerous top 5 UK Chart positions, what’s next for you in music?  

Apart from touring I have a new album Dave Pearce 90's Trance Anthems coming in March and am continuing to make music on my record label. You can keep up to date with my musical activities at and catch my weekly Delirium radio show on various radio stations or on iTunes and Facebook.


Dave Pearce will be joining Round Table on 11th March at the Southampton O2 Guildhall, along with DJ Brandon Block for the biggest party of the year! All Round Table family members and guests are invited to join Round Table’s 90th House Party.

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