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Ever wanted to travel the world? Tabler Lee Williamson tells us about the International opportunities of Round Table and making new friends around the world.

“I have been in Round Table for less than a year – but what a ride it has been already!

"I had only been in Table for a couple of months when Paul Agnew from my Table (Maryport 292) asked if anyone wanted to go Israel for the Last Holy AGM. I thought what a great opportunity, and jumped on the opportunity at the start of December. I had such a good time that, as soon as I returned to the UK, I wanted to book another trip. I had planned to go to the Half Year meeting in South Africa but with all the Santa Sleigh activity of our Table, I unfortunately left it to the last minute to pay, and the pre tour had sold out.

"I knew I didn’t want to miss out again, and that’s when I found out about the Nevill Bullock tour.  This was a fantastic 17 day tour led by Wayne and Robyn McFarlane mainly on the South Island of New Zealand. Before the trip, I contacted a German Tabler called Mark Kempicero and I met him and his girlfriend Rebecca at Sydney airport. It was great to have new friendly faces to travel with.

"The tour itself was a whirlwind across New Zealand. On the 24th February Mark, Rebecca and I arrived at Christchurch and were greeted by Graeme, where we spent a couple of days taking in the sights and sounds. Through the trip we visited Twizel where we saw some awesome scenery including Mt Cook. We travelled to Queenstown, which was great fun - the activities in Queenstown included the luge, shotover jet boat and river boarding. The Tablers and their partners from India even did a bungee jump and sky dive. Well New Zealand is the home of extreme sports!

"Whilst I was in New Zealand I celebrated by my 26th Birthday which was a Birthday like no other and one I will never forget. We travelled to Milford/Tenau and saw the glow worms which were amazing! We also crossed the Lake that night in the pitch black. Seeing the stars and the Milky Way so clearly and stretching across the sky was awesome! Over the next few days we travelled to Gore, Balcultha and Mosgiel where we were home hosted and met the local Table members. We continued to Blenheim, then Nelson and finally flew to Auckland on the North Island for the final part of the tour.

"In Auckland we learnt about the Maori (the native people) and the treaty of Waitangi, as well as visiting the Sky Tower. In just 17 days we did so much – it was a full action packed tour!

"By far Queenstown was the most fun. It is a place to holiday, of activity and a real party town. It most definitely is the place I would most like to go back to.

"When it comes to Table is all about the opportunity it gives you to try new things, as well as all the new people you meet locally and all over the world!”

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