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Why volunteering can boost your CV

With over 400 clubs across the UK, Round Table is present in many communities. 4000 members are making a difference to the lives of ordinary people.


How do Round Table clubs make a difference? Sometimes it can be about fundraising for a cause, or something as simple as lending some man power to help a community project come to life.


Round Table is more than just volunteering; just take a look through our website to see the social benefits of membership.


We are recognising the hard work our members do as a part of #VolunteersWeek (1st-7th June), but do you realise the boost volunteering can give to your CV?


The job market is tough


When writing a CV, we are always looking for ways to stand out. Sometimes it is easy to forget or underplay our achievements outside of the workplace.


What qualities does volunteering show?



Your Table makes things happen. It wouldn’t happen without fantastic communication skills, not only from you but from your Tablers. You don’t only communicate with each other but you also tell the world what you are doing in the press – real hard skills to sell yourself.


When else would you think to hold a public event to support a community initiative? When else would you see a story in the paper and decide to help? Being a member of Round Table helps to sharpen this skill in particular.


There are a number of issues that can arise when organising something for the public. You keep a cool head and run through problems to ensure a great outcome every time.


Large groups of bloke pulling off firework events which rank in the top ten of the country? Round Table has them. Without teamwork, none of our public events would go off with a bang so give yourself that pat on the back and list on your CV experience of working in a team in Round Table.

Time Management

When tight deadlines loom, Tablers come up trumps. Santa sleighs run on time, fireworks events run like clockwork and beers are poured smoothly over a number of beer festival events.


You go beyond the call of duty with everything you do. Child with special circumstances requests a personal visit from Santa and his sleigh? You organise it. Cleaning up on a dreary Sunday morning after a public event when nobody else really wants to do it? You’re there. As a Tabler, you go above and beyond with everything you do. You should be shouting about it.


Where can you add Volunteering on your CV?

Round Table is all about life experiences, so you could put your career-highlights as a volunteer into the experience section.

If you used any type of software for your role, for example as Table Secretary, make sure you add that in your skills section

According to VInspired 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.

Time to make that CV dazzle. #DoMore and #AchieveMore with Round Table.

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